About Revel Garage Solutions 

Enriching the quality and value a garage brings to your home and everyday life is our #1 priority.

At Revel Garage, we provide full-service garage solutions, regardless of size or scope, that meet our clients' specific needs and budget.  From 4 lines of high quality garage cabinets to showroom quality garage floor coatings, the Revel team designs, plans, and installs epoxy flooring and organizational systems with meticulous attention to detail and lifestyle requirements.

We are NOT a franchise

Because of this, we are able to offer a wide variety of products that we hand select to meet and exceed your expectations. We choose "best in class" manufacturers to partner with based on their selection of quality and reliable residential and commercial products and select only the best value products without the extreme markup you would typically see with a franchise.  We can design and build a customized solution for your storage needs based on our product knowledge and design expertise. We install what we sell and can provide you with complete turnkey services from initial design through installation and clean up.

The process is simple. We provide a free in-home (or virtual) design consultation to understand your needs and budget and design a custom fit solution for you typically within 24 hours.

Eliminate the feelings of frustration, embarrassment and stress you get from the clutter and disorder! Revel has all you need to transform your space into the fully functional and organized space of your dreams.