How we create a Stress-Free Garage

How We Create A Stress-Free Garage

Part 1: Understanding the problems and picking the right solutions

This is day five of working from home for a lot of us in New England, and some have gone a bit longer. I’ve spent a fair amount of time reorganizing my own space at home as well as thinking about my upcoming projects. For a lot of you, that means starting to think about your garage and how daunting it is, and a lot of us deal with stress when thinking about our garage spaces. It seems like the right time to start talking about how we do what we do at Revel Garage, and pass that knowledge along to you. This is the first part of a short series on how to create a stress-free garage environment that does exactly what YOU need it to do.

The first step to a stress-free garage is to think about what you need from your garage space and clearly identify what constraints the space has.

  • What are your top three frustrations about your garage right now?
  • What do you currently use your garage for?
  • What do you want to use it for in the future- parking, storage, entertaining, home access, projects, etc..?
  • Which items in the garage are seasonal and which items need to be accessed year-round?
  • What condition is your garage in?

Some clients are stressed about the condition of their garage floor. Others are overwhelmed by the amount of sports equipment stored in the garage for their kids. Others still want to achieve a spectacular space to work on a hobby. The garage is a complicated place that is simple to organize when you break it down by what you need it to do. We gather this information during the consultation, as well as recording the dimensions of your space and condition of your floor. We look for cracks, pitting, efflorescence and other identifying factors and take photos of the space (all walls, floor, any unique characteristics) so that we have all the data we need for the next step.

Identify Solutions:

Once we understand your needs for your garage space, our next job is to identify solutions for each purpose in your garage. Each purpose you identify for your garage is one component of a complete mechanism you use every day, and if each component doesn't function effectively in concert with your daily life, the whole mechanism breaks down and your stress bubbles up as a daily reminder of that. Solutions are different for every garage and every client. One client might need a combination of cabinets and racks to store their kids’ sports equipment, seasonal outdoor supplies, and hobby supplies behind closed doors, and lockers for their kids to put their shoes on before getting in the car. Another client might need SlatWall to safely hang landscaping equipment and an epoxy floor system to extend the usable life of their garage and make it a safe environment to work in. We only offer solutions we can stand behind and that work for your life specifically.

As the public health concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) grows, most people are at home “social-distancing”. Many are spending extra time with family, learning how to work remotely (if possible) and taking time to get organized around their home. We want to do our small part, and now offer our customers the ability to consult with us virtually. Instead of our typical on-site consultations, we are offering completely free virtual consults where we can provide same day epoxy flooring estimates and 24 hour turnaround CAD designs and estimates for cabinets,slatwall and other organization products/services we offer.

If you’d be interested in a free consultation for quality, reputable epoxy flooring, cabinetry and slatwall solutions for your garage space, head to and click on “Virtual Consult”, or give us a call at  (781) 509-0038. We serve Greater Boston, North Shore, Metro West and Southern New Hampshire, and we’re here and ready to show you how we eliminate that garage stress.

-Jeff and the team at Revel Garage in Woburn, Massachusetts