8 Tips to Successfully Organize Your Garage

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8 Tips to Clean Your Garage

Garages are most homeowners’ personal storage facilities — without the extra cost. But after a while, they can get cluttered full of personal belongings and familial artifacts that you just can’t seem to part with.

Although garages are used to park cars and store things, you may eventually find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of unnecessary boxes, toys, clothes, or other objects taking up your parking space. Organizing your garage may seem like a huge challenge, but there is light at the other end of the organization tunnel.

Our team at Revel Garage Solutions helps families come up with cohesive garage designs and wants t to let you in on some of the most effective tips to manage and organize your garage space. Here’s how you can get a handle on the clutter!

1. Plan it Out

Jumping straight into cleaning out your garage can be overwhelming. Especially depending on how cluttered it is, or if there are items in there that hold some sentimental value and you want to keep them. Go through your garage and make a note of what you want to keep and items you don’t mind tossing for trash pickup.

Make sure you put everything out on a day when the trash is scheduled for pickup so that the items don’t clutter your yard or the street.

2. Make it a Day!

Just like any other large task on your plate, you should schedule a day of the week to clean your garage. Choose a day when you can put everything else off until you finish the job. It doesn’t all have to be done in one day – you can make it a recurring day that you dedicate to solely cleaning your garage until it’s completed.

3. Get a Helping Hand

If you find that cleaning your garage is too big of a job for you to handle alone, call in help! Ask your family and friends to give you a hand in cleaning your garage. More hands are better than none when you need help, and asking friends and family can help the job get done ahead of schedule.

4. Mark Zones

When it comes to organizing anything, you want to think about how you will separate items and where to place them during separation. If you have certain items that are related to each other like fitness equipment or seasonal decorations, then you should mark a zone for where you will keep the items once your garage is organized.

5. Install Functional Storage Solutions

A lot of garage organization companies, like ours, offer innovative products that help you store items in your garage. Each solution is designed to serve a function depending on the size, weight, and height of the particular items you’re storing.

Solutions like overhead racks, tool cabinets, hoists, and shelving, provide clean-looking alternatives to simple storage solutions like bins that create more clutter.

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6. Label, Label, Label!

As garage organization professionals, we commonly come across garages that are cluttered because there aren’t any labels to identify items. Have you tried looking for something in your garage, and left with it looking messier than before because you had to look through every box just to find one thing? Adding labels will help you easily sort through your belongings and find them quickly without having to make an even bigger mess of your garage.

7. Determine a Layout

Depending on the size of your garage, you may be able to create a layout that works well enough to fit your car and store a large amount of items. Decide where you want everything to go, and leave enough space to park your car and enough to store more belongings in the future.

Place things you need at eye level and place other items that you only use seasonally on higher shelves for accessibility.

8. Call a Professional to Organize Your Garage

At Revel Garage Solutions, we know how hard it is to organize a garage without feeling overwhelmed. And, that’s why we’re here to help you design a garage that works best for your organizational needs! We can install shelving, cabinetry, make renovations, and help you come up with a plan for long-term organization solutions. 

Call us today at (781) 509-0038 to schedule an appointment and request your estimate!

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